Trade Show

Vendors there are two options for this years conference:

1) Be apart of International Farmfair Nov 6-10th


2) Have your booth in the conference room Nov 8-10th

Option 1)

You contact Northlands representative Kimberly, She will make sure you are apart of Farmfair tradeshow. The Alberta Goat will have your booth listed with location in the conference room so members on their break. The trade show runs November 6th-10th. Check out this link for more information.

Option 2)

You will be in the same conference room as the Alberta Goat Association conference. Parking is free, you will receive a 3 day Farmfair pass and meals are included.

Members fee:

$600 one ticket

$700 two tickets

Non-Member fees:

$650 one ticket

$750 two tickets

Contact Mallory 780-864-5126 or Carrie 780-500-0080 for more details

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