Retirement sale: We have sold our does and are now offering our mature and yearling breeding bucks. These are winter hardy bred-for-northern-Alberta (Spanish x Kiko x Savannah) stock. We have 1 pb Kiko buck (born April 2016) for $800. The other mature bucks are priced at $600. Yearling bucks including one pb Spanish (born Jan - June 2017) are $500. Those are the prices for the FIRST one you purchase, but as a "group special" we will give a $25 reduction on the 2nd and each subsequent buck(ling) in the group. 
See for details. 
Marcia Cherrett 780-726-3570 
White Treasure Farm has High Quality Recorded Grade LaMancha Does For Sale
-colors range from black to white
-herd is on the certified scrapie program
-sire are Brookwood Yanqui Clipper and some Tempospitz background as well
For more information:
403-728-3488 (preferred)
PB registered working Maremma LGD's. We have 5 male pups - 1 born Oct 28/17 - and 4 born Jan 10/18 available. All raised with goats. Also 2 breeding pairs of registered Maremmas. We are currently the only Canadian breeders listed on the MSCA site and will sell only to approved working farms. See for details. 
Marcia Cherrett 780-726-3570