Add hardiness, good mothering, easy kidding and hybrid vigor to your herd with our Spanish / Kiko / Savannah stock. A limited number of the  hardy breeding does and bucks we have developed to handle Alberta winters over the past 18 years are available for sale.
White Treasure Farm has High Quality Recorded Grade LaMancha Does For Sale
-colors range from black to white
-herd is on the certified scrapie program
-sire are Brookwood Yanqui Clipper and some Tempospitz background as well
For more information:
403-728-3488 (preferred)
MSCA registered PB Maremma pups out of excellent guarding dogs from recent Italian imports. They have been with goats and chickens since birth, The pups are wormed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Ready to go to new WORKING HOMES ONLY in mid January.