Retirement sale: We have sold our does and are now offering our mature and yearling breeding bucks. These are winter hardy bred-for-northern-Alberta (Spanish x Kiko x Savannah) stock. We have 1 pb Kiko buck (born April 2016) for $800. The other mature bucks are priced at $600. Yearling bucks including one pb Spanish (born Jan - June 2017) are $500. Those are the prices for the FIRST one you purchase, but as a "group special" we will give a $25 reduction on the 2nd and each subsequent buck(ling) in the group. 
See for details. 
Marcia Cherrett 780-726-3570 
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White Treasure Farm has High Quality Recorded Grade LaMancha Does For Sale
-colors range from black to white
-herd is on the certified scrapie program
-sire are Brookwood Yanqui Clipper and some Tempospitz background as well
For more information:
403-728-3488 (preferred)

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