AGA Membership changes for 2014

The most prominent change is the name.  At the Convention held in Leduc, the producers voted to adopt a name that was more encompassing to all aspects of the Goat Industry.  Alberta Goat Association (AGA) was the name chosen.

Membership changes starting 2013- background

The board of directors of the Alberta Goat Association would like to thank all of our present members for your support. Your contributions have provided us with the financial and moral support so vital to moving our industry forward. We have been working diligently to raise the profile of the goat industry in Alberta with our provincial and federal governments, consumers, our partners in the slaughter industry, industry partners in other provinces, and ALL goat producers in Alberta. Our convention, in 2012 in Ponoka, Alberta, was attended by goat producers from all around Alberta; they spent time considering the future of AGA and the path that the AGA board had worked so hard to carve out. Producers at the convention gave their enthusiastic support to the AGA board and their plan for the future. Producers voted to adopt AGA’s new vision statement: “AGA’s vision is to advance the growth of the goat industry to benefit Alberta goat producers.” This new vision is breathtakingly simple in its direction, and amazingly broad in its scope. The AGB=A board has worked tirelessly to move this industry forward and they have accomplished an amazing amount on an extremely limited budget and on their committed voluntary time. Producers at our convention acknowledged, by a majority vote, that it was time to move AGA, YOUR industry organization, to the next level. To do so, there needed to be a change in our membership fee structure. In order to secure the future of our industry it is time to invest in our industry organization.

(As of January 1, 2013) 2016 membership:

1. Membership year runs from January 1 - December 31 of each calendar year. Memberships are valid for the calendar year in which they are paid. All renewals are due as of January 1 of each calendar year.


2. New memberships as well as membership renewals will be $150.00.


3. Junior memberships (under age 18) will be will be determined by January 1, 2016.

4. Your valid membership entitles you to receive the following:

            a) as a Member you are entitled to vote for or allow your name to stand to be elected to the AGA board of directors. The board works with the Alberta Government and the federal government to protect and further the interests of Alberta goat breeders, along with planning and organizing events such as our convention and other workshops. The AGA board also works developing educational materials, dealing with issues pertaining to biosecurity, traceability, disaster preparedness, livestock transportation standards, and a host of other topics. A board volunteer also built and maintains our website, another maintains our Facebook

page. The board also works closely with our office and staff to see to the day to day operations of AGA.

            b) a subscription to GoatKeeper magazine (6 issues for the calendar year for which your membership is valid).

            c) a special member rate for attendance at any function presented by AGA


            d) admission to the Merchant/Member Partnership to obtain discounts on goat related items


            e) Members may ask to be included on website listing

            f) Members may ask to be included on our membership list, and may request a copy of that membership listing for their own use.

            g) An outstanding feature of membership, is the opportunity to meet with fellow goat breeders, to network, seek advice, or just socialize.


Criteria: Any person wishing to be a member of AGA but who lives OUTSIDE of Alberta


Non Voting, No Goatkeeper subscription

Eligible for discounts on AGA goods & services

Eligible for discounted rate on all AGA sponsored functions

Will have access to AGA fax/eblast system

Eligible for AGA Merchant partner program



Must be under 18 years of age

Encouraged to be a member of a youth agriculture organization


Each junior member will receive a Goatkeeper subscription

Eligible for discount rate on all AGA sponsored functions

Will have access to AGA fax/eblast system

AGA Youth Agricultural Organization Support

Any youth Agricultural Organization that has members belonging to AGA will

be eligible to apply to AGA for support

1. a Club can apply 1 time per calendar year

2. Total support is $100.00 per club

3. This money must fund some kind of Goat learning activity or function

4. Application is made by letter to AGA outlining the activity to be undertaken

5. Report on the activity must be submitted to AGA to be included and

published in Goatkeeper.

AGA board of directors has outlined, in previous issues of GoatKeeper, the goals for our immediate future to increase membership, to develop mechanisms to provide stable funding from a consistent membership base, and to elevate the profile of AGA with producers, government, and consumers. AGA has made a good start working on these goals but we need your support to make sure we achieve them. Please consider all you have learned about the “NEW” AGA, and we ask that you take out your cheque book and show your support for your industry. Join your fellow producers in committing to the future of this industry, and thank you from the AGA board of directors for believing in the potential of our organization and our industry.