2013 All Breeds Production Sale


 Because of the high demand in quality breeding stock over the past few years, and a very successful sale in 2012, AGBA has again decided to host the second annual production sale on September 29th, 2013 for our members.  This gives breeders an opportunity to sell breeding animals, promote their farms, and an opportunity for new or old producers to find some high quality animals to either start a herd with or add some new animals to existing herds.

All information will be posted on the Alberta Goat Breeders Association website (www.albertagoats.com).  Information will include, registration form for entering animals, terms of sale rules and guidelines and information on the “your choice” goat draw that will occur at the sale.  Sellers and buyers, you won’t want to miss your chance at getting in on this one as it is a great opportunity to either win yourself a goat of your choice or be the owner of the choice animal that will happily benefit! 


The Association is excited to give goat producers this opportunity to buy, sell and network.  It is a great way to come together to benefit the industry as a whole, and it is expected to be a huge success. 

Averages from the 2012 sale:

Bucks- $642.81

Does- $747.37

 Questions or for more information contact either:



         Laurie Fries:            

Email: dang_goat_gang@telus.net    


 Stacy Connors:

Email: stacy16@telus.net

 (780) 349-5476

 Please Note:  All animals entered in the  sale must be in the sale barn on Friday, Sept. 27, from 12 - 8 pm.

 “Your Choice” goat draw:

For $25.00, each breeder that enters a goat(s) into our sale gets to enter one animal of their choice into our “your choice” draw of animals.  We (AGBA) will sell tickets for $25.00 / each on which this gives someone a chance at winning a goat of their choice out of these animals.

All the animals that are in the draw (from the breeders that paid the $25.00) will come into the ring with their respected breeder and the draw will be made and the winner will come down out of the stands and have his/her pick of any of those animals.

A minimum of 40 tickets will be sold at $25.00/ticket and 25% of this money will go to the AGBA  and the remaining 75% of the money goes to the breeder that has his/her animal picked from the person who’s name is the winner from the draw. SO Breeders, if you are the one that gets your animal picked you are guaranteed $750.00!  If more than 40 tickets are sold, then the money that is made over and above the 40 ticket minimum will be split 50% to AGBA and 50% to the breeder.

*One rule will apply, if you as a breeder/seller enter one of your animals into this special draw and you purchase any tickets for your chance to win, you CANNOT choose your own animal if you hold the winning ticket.

 Kids For Kids


Some very kind producers have decided to enter a select number of 2013 doelings to be sold to children under the age of 18 only.  The breeders would like to see these animals be used to promote goats with youth by helping to start their own herd, use as a 4-H project, or use to show.  Parents must be in attendance at the sale but will not be permitted to bid on these animals. 

If you are a producer and would like to get in on this wonderful opportunity for our youth please contact Stacy or Laurie.  All registration fees have been waved for these animals.