March 21, 2017 email:
CNGF Names Goat Traceability Administrator
March 6, 2017 - Armstrong, B.C. - The Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF) is pleased to announce the finalizing of an agreement with the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). The agreement means that the CCIA will be the official database administrator for goat traceability.
“CNGF is pleased to name CCIA as the traceability administrator for goat producers” says Linda Underwood, CNGF’s President. “We look forward to continuing to advance on traceability preparations for the goat sector and building on the positive momentum that CNGF and CCIA have developed so far.”
CNGF has received funding through Growing Forward 2 from the federal government to prepare the sector for expected identification and traceability regulations. Naming a database administrator for a livestock species is a major component of these preparations. Goat producers will purchase tags through the CCIA and report movements to the CCIA’s database, the Canadian Livestock Tracking System (CLTS). As one of two official traceability administrators in Canada, CCIA has an existing agreement with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under which CCIA collects data required under Part XV of the Health of Animals Regulations for cattle, sheep, and bison. Canadian Pork Council, which manages PigTrace, is the other recognized administrator and is responsible for Part XV data collection for pigs and farmed wild boars.
While traceability regulations are not expected to come into effect until 2018, goat producers are encouraged to get started by contacting the CCIA and registering an account. A new account does not need to be created if a producer has an existing account with CCIA for cattle, sheep, or bison. Those producers do need to contact the CCIA at some point however, to ensure their account includes goats.
CNGF has also been working on selecting tags and leg bands that will be the official CFIA approved goat identifiers. It is expected that these will be available for purchase from CCIA well in advance of the regulations coming into effect under the Health of Animals Act.
Goat producers who want more information can visit CNGF’s website at To set up your account with the CCIA, call 1-877-909-2333.
Lorraine Stevenson-Hall
Traceability Project Manager, CNGF

Livestock Care Conference

March 14, 2017

Jan. 20, 2017

HIGH RIVER, AB —  The rising momentum toward a new era of teamwork, success and tackling tough issues in livestock care and welfare will take centre stage at the Livestock Care Conference, March 21-22 in Leduc, Alta., hosted by Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC).

With a theme of "Pushing the envelope," the long-standing conference open to producers, industry and others with an interest in farm ...

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Convention Schedule

September 16, 2016

Friday, Sept 30

9:00 am – 9:30 am Workshop Sign-in - (NOTE:  Friday workshop participants MUST PRE-Register) PRE-REGISTRATION:  Call AGA at 780-739-1091 by September 26, 2016
9:30 am On Farm Food Safety Workshop

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm National Bio-security Standards Workshop
5:00 pm BBQ &  Social BBQ

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Animal arrival & sale check-in

Saturday, October 1

8:30 am - 9:00 am      Convention Registration  & Sale registration

9:00 am - 9:10 am       Welcome & Introductions

9:10 am ...

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2016 Convention

September 1, 2016
September 30 to October 2, 2016

Olds Cow Palace, Olds Exhibition grounds, Olds, Alberta

Start time 9 a.m. all three days

Main speaker Dr. An Peischel

Schedule to follow

Meet Dr. An Peischel

The 2016 AGA Convention & Production Sale committee is pleased and honoured to announce that Dr. An Peischel Assistant Professor, Small Ruminant Extension Specialist, Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences, Tennessee State University, will be a fe...

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ALMA release

June 13, 2016

Check out this video on how a producer has made improvements to their operation.

Congratulations, Bos Family!


New Video: Bos Farms Goat Rotary in Ponoka, Bos Farms is an important piece to Alberta’s goat dairy industry. This family farm and eight others help Cherylynn and Patrick Bos’ value-added business, Rock Ridge Dairy, provide goat cheese and fluid milk products to Western Canadians.

With help from ALMA and industry partners, Bos Farms recently completed the installation of a ...

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Changes to the Animal Health Legislation

October 30, 2015

Changes to Animal Health Legislation

Alberta’s Chief Provincial Veterinarian would like to again remind producers about changes to the Animal Health Act and regulations, which came into effect on June 30, 2014.

Alberta’s animal health legislation was updated to ensure it continues to meet the evolving needs of producers and the agriculture industry, and to make sure the legislation continues to effectively protect animal and public health. For example, some of the changes clarify polic...

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Just in... Convention Schedule

September 18, 2015
4th Annual Convention & Production Sale
October 2, 3 & 4, 2015
Olds Cow Palace, Olds, Alberta

Friday, October 2
11.00 a.m Tour of RockRidge Dairy - Hosted by Patrick & Cherylynn Bos
 -- The Bos family have a long standing foot hold in the farming business, giving them the heart and
 soul to grow a successful, ethical dairy operation.
 Patrick and Cherylynn Bos began their chapter of farming immediately after being married at the
 young age of 22. They both loved farming and all that went with it: the...

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It’s time for the 4th Annual Alberta Goat Association Convention, Production Sale and Trade Fair!

September 9, 2015

Take a mini vacation off the farm and come out to the Olds Cow Palace in Olds, Alberta on October 2,3 & 4th, 2015. Spend a few days taking in some informative speakers, enjoy lots of great food, meet a “herd” of goat people and maybe buy something nice in the silent auction. Even better, send your two-legged kids over to the junior convention to give yourself a break and also to make them eligible to bid in the Kid For Kids sale on Sunday. Best of all, speak your mind at the Alberta Goat ...

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2015 AGA Production Sale

August 28, 2015

2015 Alberta Goat Association Convention and Sale

All Breeds Goat Breeding Stock Sale
 11:00 AM, October 4, 2015

Terms of Sale

Entry Form

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2015 AGA Convention and Production Sale

August 3, 2015
The AGA is please to begin accepting registrations for the 2015 Convention and Production Sale.  Prices are as follows:

Full Producer Conference (Member) 105.00
Spouse or Companion Full Conference 84.00
Children – 7-17 years Full Conference 47.25
Children – 6 and under FREE 
Non-Member Adult Conference  157.50 

Click here for the registration form

There are many Sponsorship opportunities for the convention:

Coffee Stations -- 150.00 We need 5 Minimum up to 10 coffee sponsorships
Saturday Breakfas...

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