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January 1, 2023-2024

The Goat Patch

Raising purebred and commercial kiko stock.

We hold our goats to the highest standards.  We practice “closed herd” and strict biosecurity measures. Our herd has been tested for CAE, Johnes and CL, we have a clean herd. We make sure that our animals are well looked after, cared for and have a hard-culling program. Our kidding rate has been 2.4 kids per doe.

Shaun and Mallory Kaiser

Sept 15-2022 bucklings 002.JPG

Dec 31


This years bucklings ready for breeding season. Sired by three different bucks. All born in January.

    Ivan Craig


January 1st, 2023- 2024

Balmaur Farm

We have 4 beautiful 2022 purebred Boer doelings for sale.

       $600 each of $500 if you take more than one.


(leave a number if no answer.  We do not have call display)

Barry and Maureen Lewis

Hay Bales

Dec 31


Gotham Farms in Athabasca County has a variety of small square bales (50-55lbs) for sale. Current stock is as follows

1) 1st year Alfalfa/Timothy/ Orchard bales. As this is a first year field there is a lot of volunteer wheat, oats and weeds in it. Good feed for cattle, goats and sheep (our cows and goats are doing well on it). Chickens also enjoy picking through it. No feed analysis available. $5 

2) 1st cut Timothy/Brome/Orchard grass bales with some volunteer clover. Feed analysis available. $8

Some bottom and side bales may be available for less. 

3) 2nd cut Timothy/Brome/Orchard grass bales with NO clover. $10. Feed analysis available.

Some bottom and side bales may be available for less 

We offer delivery at rates of $1/km roundtrip for loads of 100 or less and $1.50/km roundtrip for loads of 101-300. You can figure out your approximate delivery cost by putting Rochester,AB on Google maps. 

Bales are located  between Rochester,AB and Newbrook AB for onsite pickup.

Richelle Redekop

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