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February 1st, 2022- Feb 28th, 2022

Arbour Lane Goat

LGD‘s - Maremma x Akbash/Kangal puppies - $550


4 males, 5 females born December 2, 2021.


Vet checked, first vaccine, dewormed.

Near Carstairs, AB

Anje Grab

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Feb 22, 2022-March 22, 2022

Traditional Boer Buck

Traditional Boer Buck for Sale $350. Born April 2021, currently with a commercial herd.  Used for breeding Boer Does in late fall 2021.  Need to replace with another Boer Buck as we are keeping offspring from this buck to breed and increase herd size.

Shannon Matechuk


January 1, 2022-2023

The Goat Patch

Raising purebred and commercial kiko stock.

We hold our goats to the highest standards.  We practice “closed herd” and strict biosecurity measures. Our herd has been tested for CAE, Johnes and CL, we have a clean herd. We make sure that our animals are well looked after, cared for and have a hard-culling program. Our kidding rate has been 2.4 kids per doe.

Shaun and Mallory Kaiser


January 1st, 2022- 2023

Balmaur Farm

2021 PB Boer Doelings for Sale


Balmaur genetics for Good Mothering, Milk and Meat.

We don’t have Call Display so please leave a phone number if you get the answering machine. 

Barry and Maureen Lewis

March 12th

Goat Herd and equipment Dispersal at Picture Butte Auction March 12 2022  at 10:00 am

Herd of around 140 young Boer /Kiko and Savannah cross Bred does ages 2-4 . They are tagged according to age with the majority born in 2220 and 2019  . We originally purchased our herd as a closed group and they have remained that way for the five years that we have owned them. All does will have a recent trim and vaccination with Glandvax 6 . The Does will begin kidding in May , the bucks were turned out Nov 25-Jan 11 . We also have two excellent Livestock Guardian Dogs that are bonded to the herd  and will be sold privately preferably to those that purchase our goats . We also have three 3 year old Boer Bucks for sale . We also have listed feed bunks , jugs ,  10 rolls of electric mesh fence and 3 round bale basket  feeders . Pictures can be found on Picture Butte Auction Website . Hope to see you at the sale! 

Susanne Kirby


January 1, 2022-2023

 La mancha buck

Looking to sell my last imported buck, "Dreams Isle Rushed
for Time" (his sire was a Kastdemur Buck) and well as two of his 2021
bucklings (grand sire was Katdemurs Cash Ransom, great grand sire
Forrest-Pride Wild Expedition) for photos and info text

Nancy Barnhardt

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Sussane Kirby
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