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May 30, 2023

Goat Summer Grazing Opportunity in Saskatchewan

Description: Got goats? Looking for an affordable summer grazing option?

No Kidding Weed Management has room for 300-500 additional goats in the Elbow Community Pasture leafy spurge targeted grazing program located near Elbow, SK. Does and kids are accepted. Kids must be at least 6 weeks old at take in. All males must be castrated.

The project consists of 3,500 goats split into 2 herds that are herded throughout the day and penned in electric netting at night. The first take in is mid-May and there will be a second take in for later kidding patrons at the end of May/beginning of June. The season runs until September 30th at the latest. Take out is dependent on the precipitation received during the growing season.

Cornelia Seeholzer

204-541-0272 call or text


May 30, 2023

Kiko Boer Buck for Sale

Nice and calm with hay and water plus enjoys apples and watermelon rinds. During summer, leads the goats to the watering hole and bushes.  This buck has kids from 2 years.
$500 or Trade same age younger buck

Laura  Rider

Ivan craig 2023

April 1, 2023-2024

 Ivan Craig Boer Goats

A selection of Purebred and Commerical Boer Goats available this year.

Ivan Craig


January 1, 2023-2024

The Goat Patch

Raising purebred and commercial kiko stock.

We hold our goats to the highest standards.  We practice “closed herd” and strict biosecurity measures. Our herd has been tested for CAE, Johnes and CL, we have a clean herd. We make sure that our animals are well looked after, cared for and have a hard-culling program. Our kidding rate has been 2.4 kids per doe.

Shaun and Mallory Kaiser


January 1st, 2023- 2024

Balmaur Farm

Barry and Maureen Lewis.


Thank you to all who have purchased our 2022 breeding stock.  We are now welcoming inquiries for our 2023 kids.


(leave a number if no answer.  We do not have call display)

Barry and Maureen Lewis


April 1, 2023-2024

22 Nigerian dwarf goats

22 Nigerian dwarf goats that consist of:
- 7 intact males, 6 of which are 9 months old and all are ready to breed. And 1 neutered male.

- 15 breedable females.

The goats are up for sale as health issues have dictated the sale of these animals. 
Take one or take them all.
I would prefer to sell as a herd. 

Male - mature male - Dante $300
Male - 6 juvenile males $250

All adult Females $300 (each)
All juvenile females $250 (each)

Health issues are dictating the sale of these animals. 

Total price tag would be  
$6,100 if sold separate.

I’ll sell as a package deal and include 4 - feed bunks and
1 - portable milking stand. (valued at $1,350 for the equipment)

Total price including the equipment is now 

John Christensen