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January 1, 2021-2022

The Goat Patch

Raising purebred and commercial kiko stock.

We hold our goats to the highest standards.  We practice “closed herd” and strict biosecurity measures. Our herd has been tested for CAE, Johnes and CL, we have a clean herd. We make sure that our animals are well looked after, cared for and have a hard-culling program. Our kidding rate has been 2.4 kids per doe.

Shaun and Mallory Kaiser


May 4, 2021-June 4th, 2021

Got goats? 

Want an affordable, healthy summer grazing option? Looking to grow your herd but don't have enough land/pasture? Or save your pasture for extended fall grazing or hay production?

No Kidding Weed Management, is seeking 300-400 more goats for their leafy spurge grazing project in Elbow, SK for the 2021 grazing season. The project will have a total of 3,000 goats (split into 2 herds) plus a 1,000 head sheep flock. Goats are grazed throughout the day by a trained shepherd with herding dogs and quad and penned in electric netting at night.

The season will begin in late May and run until late August/early September depending on growing conditions. Both does and kids are accepted. Kids must be a minimum of 6 weeks old at take in and male kids must be castrated.

Cornelia Seeholzer


January 1st, 2021- 2022

Balmaur Farm

Proven Genetics.  Traditional and Canadian Purebreds.

All doelings have been sold.  Watch for new stock offering in the Fall.  We still have some purebred bucklings.

We don’t have Call Display so please leave a phone number if you get the answering machine. 

Barry and Maureen Lewis

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