Alberta Goat Association


Board of Directors



Mallory Kaiser

Lives in Fourth Creek, AB. Her agricultural background is extensive as she grew up working on a mixed farm . She is familiar with the requirements of seeding, pest management, harvest, working with cattle, running a variety of equipment and being a part of the combine crew. 


Currently her husband Shaun, sons Kaz, Zak, and her, have a kiko cross heard. She has been raising goats since 2015. She also grain farms with her parents and younger brother.


Vice President

Melodi MacKinnon

Melodi MacKinnon, and her brother Allen own Rafter LC Goats, in Thorhild County, AB. She is also a Registered Nurse. They have a commercial herd, focusing on meat goats. They bought our first goats five years ago, knowing nothing about the industry, the challenges, or even the difference between a 'good goat' and a 'poor goat' (in Melodi's books there are no BAAAAD goats). Needless to say, their first two years were spent learning everything the hard way. However her love and appreciation of these wonderful animals has grown even faster than her knowledge. When they found the Alberta Goat Association, they were able to connect and network with like-minded individuals. She have a passion for the industry and seeing it grow in all areas-fiber, dairy and meat. As a director, Melodi wants to be instrumental in this growth as well as sharing knowledge with others who are considering joining the wonderful world of goats.



Merna Gisler

Merna has been raising purebred Boer goats for over 20 years now near Innisfail. She became a director with the AGA over 15 years ago and was president during the transition to the new office manager. Currently she is Chair of the Convention of the AGA Annual Convention and Production Sale where together with Office GM Diana O'Hara she organizes speakers and facilities.  Additionally she assists with "GoatKeeper' and 'Goat Droppings' content development, maintains the AGA Facebook page and has organized the AGA participation at 'Innovations in Agriculture' at Edmonton Farmfair for the past two years. She has been a longtime chair of the Red Deer Westerner Goat Classic with the Commercial and Junior shows and has also led the Innisfail and Area Junior Goat Club for several years. Education and promotion of the Alberta goat industry are a driving goal for her involvement, she is pleased to see how the association has progressed and looks forward to further developments.



Stacy Connors

Stacy and her husband Neil have raised goats since 2004. They have a small farm near Busby, AB where they raise a herd of 90 head of Boer and Boer mix does. Stacy has been a registered animal health technologist for over 20 years and currently works in a small animal veterinary clinic.  Because of this, she has a strong interest in goat herd health and helping to educate new producers about the ins and outs of raising goats and how to troubleshoot when there are problems in the herd.  She has been co-chair of the sale committee of the Annual Convention and Production Sale every year of the sale which she has enjoyed. As a director Stacy has become more in tune with developments in Alberta and Canada in the goat industry and she continues to educated in government and animal health issues. 



John Henderson

John and his wife Laura Lee live near Spruce View where for over 25 years John has raised top producing purebred Angora and La Manchas. A strong advocate for all areas of the goat industry John has been an AGA director for over 20 years as well as a director and guiding force behind The Alberta Mohair Producers Association and a long time representative to the Canadian National Goat Federation. He has been heavily involved in showing and promoting both Angora and commercial animals throughout Alberta and his animals are prized as awarding winning for both fibre quality and breed character. Along with John being a long time volunteer to the Red Deer Westerner Goat show, Laura Lee has been a long time volunteer of Olds Fibre week as well. John is a strong force of the industry and a excellent mentor for new producers.



Maureen Lewis

Maureen and her husband have  raised Purebred and Percentage  Boer goats for Breeding Stock and meat, just south of Three Hills, for the past 17 years.  While she is new to the Board for 2018, she has previously worked as a Board Member over the past 16 years.   In 2017 she volunteered to work on memberships, and spoke to many at the Convention in Edmonton.  Going forward she pledges to all our Members, to listen, respond, advise, and act.   



Michelle Petryshen

Michelle along with her husband Scott & 2 daughters, Briar and Olivia, dove into goats in 2016. Currently running a small registered herd of boers outside of Valleyview with hopes of expanding. Michelle has been a Registered Animal Health Technologist for 11yrs, working most of those years in her home town at a mixed animal practice.  She loves hunting, fishing, and camping with her family. She has connected with lots of wonderful people through goats and can’t wait to maybe one day connect with you!

Flower Arrangement 6
Flower Arrangement 6

AGA Vision

To advance the growth of the goat industry to benefit Alberta goat producers.


AGA Mission Statement

To provide leadership in all aspects of information, education, promotion, lobbying and representation, of the goat industry, striving for a profitable and stable future.


AGA Goat & Objectives

The AGA board established the following goals for our organization for the immediate future:

1. Membership - increase contributing member names and provide value to members through new educational opportunities and industry events that promote the vibrancy of the Goat industry in Alberta.

2. Funding - develop mechanism to provide stable funding from a membership base that will allow the AGA to access funding programs and provide value for our members, while expanding the role the AGA provides in the development of the Goat Industry in Alberta.     

3. Industry Profile - work towards elevating the profile of the AGA within our own industry, to develop producer pride and feeling of ownership in their industry organization. As well to develop the profile of the Alberta Goat industry and its products with the general public, consumers and government. With the aim of taking our rightful place alongside other mainstream industries in the larger Agriculture industry.  


The board works with the Alberta Government and the federal government to protect and further the interests of Alberta goat breeders, along with planning and organizing events such as our convention and other workshops. The AGA board also works developing educational materials, dealing with issues pertaining to biosecurity, traceability, disaster preparedness, livestock transportation standards, and a host of other topics. A board volunteer also built and maintains our website, another maintains our Facebook page. The board also works closely with our office and staff to see to the day to day operations of AGA.