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Goats Beginners Guide 101

August (TBA) will be the start of our 1-of-3 Goat Beginners Webinars. Our first session will be looking at: 

  • Nutrition

  • Shelters

  • Fencing

  • Livestock Guardian Animals

  • Hoof Trimming

  • Identification

  • Vaccinations

  • Identifying a sick goat

Goats Beginners Guide 102 will be held in September TBA

This session will be looking at: 

  • Parasites

  • Disease

  • Breeding

  • Issues that can arise from pregnancy

Goats Beginners Guide 103- KIDS will be held in November TBA

This session will be looking at: 

  • Nutrition

  • Birth

  • Castration

  • Disbudding

  • Heath

  • Vaccinations

  • Identification

  • Weaning

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Reading your Feed Test Report

Barry Yaremcio  - Ag & Forage Specialist, Yaremcio Ag Consulting Ltd.    Understanding and improving the nutritional needs of your herd and improving your bottom line.

Free to AGA members, contact the AGA office or abgoatbreeders@gmail.com for details.

Will be posted to our members only page soon!


New or experienced with goats this session is for you!

Barry Yaremcio, is the man when it comes to animal nutrition! In 2009 he completed a Master’s Degree in Animal Science (nutrition), evaluating the amount of feed waste by various feed delivery systems and the impact it had on the quality of feed consumed.

In March of 2020, he started Yaremcio Ag Consulting Ltd. as an independent ruminant nutritionist and production management consultant.

Barry Will be going over:


What is important on a feed test report


Discuss the basic nutrients: Moisture, Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sulfur, Potassium and sodium

Reading your feed test report - IG Post.png


As COVID-19 continues to unfold the Board of the AGA would like our members to know that we are committed to providing as much information as possible to reduce any potential impact on producers.

 The AGA office phone, as always, is available at 403-443-2874 at any time.

We will try as much as possible to keep in contact with other Alberta agriculture industry stakeholders to assist in working together to manage any potential disruption.

For current local information contact the public health unit in your community or go to Alberta Health Services online.

 For the most up to date on COVID-19 please use these links:



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