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Exciting news! Alberta Goat Association is very proud to have taken part in helping create this invaluable resource. AFAC has developed a Veterinary Database that is up and running on their website! You can search clinics in a radius of up to 200 km from your location and even make your search species specific. We can now help you take the guess work out of finding a clinic that will work for you.


Fall Sessions

Education for Protecting Livestock from Predators

  • How to create an unfriendly environment for large predators and an understanding of biology of wolves and coyotes.

  • Capture methods, both lethal and live capture.

  • Safe handling of equipment and legal requirements.

  • The use of “properly made neck snares”. And how to set them where legally permitted. Also, why many people have very poor success. What works and what doesn’t, so that you’re not wasting your time.

  • Traps that are safe for pets where legal.

  • A hands on field portion is included in this workshop.

  • A program set up by the Trappers association to link livestock producers with Trappers that have been properly trained to deal with coyotes and wolves.

  • What different attack marks look like




Cooking Goat

AGA is working with Edmonton Eats to bring a online cooking demonstration that anyone can follow online. We will have a Chef demonstrate how to cook a Libyan Embakaka, a spicy pasta dish with goat meat. 

Ticket purchase will provide you and any interested people in your household with:

  • an access link to the event October 13 starting at 7:00 ( 1.5 hours long)

  • a spice blend will be mailed to your home to be used in preparing the dish. The spice blend has a combination of Caraway, Turmeric, Galangal, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Pepper along with a packet of Chili so you can add heat depending on your taste.

  • you will receive a list of ingredients and the recipe before the Cooking Party so you can have everything ready for the evening to cook along with Afaf 

  • there will be a couple prizes given out during the evening. 

The Alberta Goat Association has a coupon for all members. It will make the cost of the event $20.00


PROMO code location

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Parasite and FAMACHA Workshop

AGA is happy to put on a FAMACHA workshop to give small ruminant producers the tools they need to best address gastrointestinal (GI) parasites on their farm. The workshop will focus heavily on the barber pole worm, the most common GI parasite in Western Canada that can cause high mortality and severe productivity losses. Participants will get:

  • Hands on microscope training and leave with that microscope,

  • FAMACHA training to determine who and when to deworm,

  • Training to check fecal egg counts to assess deworming success and identify resistant carriers,


  • To learn best practices to reduce the risk of resistant parasites.


The workshop is limited to 25 participants. 

November 5th, 2022

Olds College Lab

Tickets TBA

AGA Media

Goat Farming in Alberta with Mallory & Shaun Kaiser

Gateway Research Organization, couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk to the Shaun and Mallory of The Goat Patch about their journey to raising goats and their work with the Alberta Goat Association!

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